Thursday, February 12, 2015

Star Wars Commander

Charging into battle and lead your troops to victory in the Wars: Commander mobile games, challenging combat, strategic! Build your base, recruit and train players unstoppable power and role in the world of Star Wars! On Wednesday, the Galactic Civil War, competitive forces need allies to their cause. Uprising Assembly for justice and freedom, while the Empire is looking for control of the galaxy. Return of mercenaries as not aligned to Tatooine to be crucial decision: to protect the Empire's power and technological forces, or uprising heroism and ingenuity? The choice is yours as to pick up through the ranks as a powerful commander battleground in this exciting strategy and competition between galactic Kessen is a former senator, which is now available to players on both sides of Star Wars! Commander of the conflict. Play through a secret alliance, which begins today at noon ET, you can unlock the hero Kessen unit as a campaign rewarding, allowing players to unleash his own gun "Karina" Principles massive damage on soft targets. Stormtroopers Sorry, you are considered soft targets.

The update also adds a new menu called contraband for players who are in their headquarters to level 6 or higher, and built a shelter for contraband. With enough on hand, smuggling can be changed by Droideka Sentinel, powerful unit which can level only that currency.Disney and Lucasfilm announced Thursday the latest update for the mobile game Star Wars: Commander, the introduction of a new story and gameplay elements. The game was released in August has climbed the charts, with nearly 15 million copies downloaded.

Titled "secret alliance" limited campaign - available now - see players fighting for the fate of the planet ensure Er'Kit. The update also pack on the new game features, such as spacecraft, cheating and smuggling.

A summary of the benefits you get for completing a secret alliance campaign, thanks to Disney shown. You can download Star Wars Commander today for free download mobile title clash Clans style from iTunes or Google Play.Star Wars Commander, won several new content enhancements, including the new drive Trap. Traps were the country's strategy F2P part for quite some time, which will "strike Starship trigger when approaching enemies." Rebel commanders can use the X and Y-Wings, TIE fighters while accustom Empire and bombers mow your enemies.

Star Wars Commander
(Disney) F2P in a galaxy far, far away ...

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Star Wars Commander shock Clans mobile title style, won several new content enhancements, including the new drive Trap. Traps were the country's strategy F2P part for quite some time, which will "strike Starship trigger when approaching enemies." Rebel commanders can use the X and Y-Wings, TIE fighters while accustom Empire and bombers mow your enemies.
A little overdue but welcome nonetheless.
Transformers: Rolls battle tactics to mobile devices
Speaking of the base defense, Droideka Sentinel (those cool beetle as robots Episode I) can provide both attack and defense. Or you can "consort with the underworld conservation and contraband trade Tatooine was Jabba and his companions." He is not dead, and many more to go the Hutt.
The update positivity was ... missing. Balance problems between Imperial and Rebel Party remains off at higher levels, with the imperial troops continued to have more units at a distance. Beauty Clash of clans is that everyone is working from the same deck of cards. Create different factions to play jazz with the way the units are treated, but can lead to many cries of "unfair!" While it appears that the particular party is given an advantage.
It's a fun game, which could be a great game if you can stand out from the shadow of his ancestors and solve some of their problems impact. New content will be worth it when these difficulties are resol

Monday, December 15, 2014

FIfa 15

Both titles are important differences in some sections. While Konami commitment cadence and strategy, EA sports a superior graphics with a fast pace
"Fifa 15 vs PES 15: duel at the summit of football
Leo Messi, Barcelona player in "Fifa 15"; James Rodriguez, Real Madrid, in "PES 15»
For the first time after several seasons of football duel virtual level is more even than ever. After years away from the required levels of demand, the "Pro Evolution Soccer" This season has complied with the demand of the community and has managed to polish their defects to ensure a sensational game, with a higher rate simulation and addictive gameplay .

The king on consoles sport has been a winner in recent times the Fifa series. The delivery of this year, "Fifa 15" has maintained the essence and printed in a fast pace to the plays, more arcade than his main rival in this genre of high profile in the community "gamer". But Konami, thanks to the "Pro Evolution Soccer 15" has become a strong and get the height of the first deliveries. Now, more than ever, the rivalry is like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

One of the most notable differences between the two games fall, certainly in the graphic. While the title of Electronic Arts has opted again for greater realism, in which the faces and bodies very well made are perceived, this time "PES 15 'has endeavored to improve the technical and mechanical, although it noted an increase in the level of detail of the players.

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But things change when we went to the behavior of the players and the environment. "Fifa 15" ensures that the porters are very friendly artificial intelligence that gets to perceive their emotions, as happens in the stands. Fans, songs and animations are unparalleled. Here wins by a landslide.

In the face to face, there are sections in which rival force. The feeling in the field is similar, but differs in detail. Maybe the series Fifa Soccer Players have a behavior, a priori, more natural, but the game system reduces its performance compared to PES 15.

Touches the ball, passing, triangulations and counter simulate a real game, even with its cadence and slow movements. Individuals are very different in both games. Cristiano Ronaldo is a deer, we know. But it has also suffered downturns in performance throughout the game and is not a superman, an aspect that reflects well on screen. For this reason, the "PES 15 'has been stepping up and has taken a big step in this regard, to be valued positively, of course beats" Fifa 15 "which makes every game in nearly a correcalles of players to be faster.

Fifa 15 ultimate team points

The tactical modifications and changes the system of team play are in "PES 15 'a great ally. The technical drawing influences the definition and the chances, much less possible that "Fifa 15" which seems to try a roller outperforms rivals. And no. Here the struggle gives the winner the development of EA against Konami. Deep passes, airdrops, disputes melee and definition of the goal (allows even hitting the outside of the foot) are better suited in the case of the former, for example. In short, this season is very tight and we might be faced with a clear technical tie where everyone shines in a given area.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Clash of Clans Guide

Clash of Clans

Available on Google Play and Apple Store in April 2015, Fire Quest is part of a Jurassic Punk style halfway between Mad Max and Pierre Family Fire. More community, deeper and cheaper for players, Quest for Fire stated ambition to compete with the giant Clash of Clans on the market "builders" on mobile.Avec the first ultra-community game, the decision to embark on Kickstarter to involve and bring together a first circle of fans quickly became.

"As the game" community oriented "the idea of going on Kickstarter has quickly emerged. We want our" backers "an integral part of the adventure and can among others help us optimize the gameplay testing with we play. This is also an opportunity to create our first fan base to share the adventure now, when the game is released and beyond! We have found the ideal platform Kickstarter, "reflects Guillaume Duboucher President of Geek me 5.

Clash of Clans Guide

Fire Quest is the brainchild of Alexis Vezia, Creative Director of Geek me and 5 other hard player "builders". Frustrated with the lack of innovation in the market for 3 years, he decided to take the plunge, assuming his status as David facing Goliath: "We can do it better!
Creating a community game, more fun and more affordable. "

After convincing Supamonks, one of the best 3D animation studios in France, to join the adventure, the first phase of development of the game (on Unity3d) is financed by business angels, members of his family and other players

Friday, December 12, 2014

itunes gift card generator mac download free

The autraliana could not have better end of the year, receiving recognition for best theme song where he shares credit with Charlie XCX, song reached number five on download platform.

As part of its success in the year that is ending, Azalea was present in almost every category from the list "Best of 2014" published by iTunes, just be 'escaped' the best album of Hip Hop.

The rapper thanked supporting its 3.56 million followers via Twitter.

"I hope that anyone who has had a 'bad' year may see it as a year of growth, 2011 and 2012 were the hardest for me ... years," he wrote in the first of a series of tweets.

"Now I look back and understand that were necessary to become strong and put things in order. Everything happens for a reason. "

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The singer of "Black Widow" announced that starts "The Great Escape" tour, with the luxury telonero Nick Jonas.

With information from Reforma Agency

The third season of Game of Thrones was the most downloaded TV series on iTunes this year, followed by the fifth installment of The Walking Dead. According to the traditional annual ranking published by the Apple online store, among the most demanded of the year in television content have also included the fourth season of Downton Abbey, the special edition of the latest Breaking Bad and fourth Scandal.

The top ten most requested iTunes series is completed in this order, Sons of Anarchy, The big bang theory, Mad Men, Homeland and Modern Family.

As the most valued of the small screen, Apple users have voted best series Fargo, the best performances of True Detective, The honorable woman best discovery and revelation series Key & Peele.

In movies, most bought in iTunes are Frozen and Lego and independent film most requested film was Dallas Buyers Club.

As usual, Apple iTunes collects these days in its annual summary of the best content in iTunes in 2014, both globally and in regard to our country. Thus, shows the best content considered and those who have had the most downloads during the year in the Spanish iTunes Store, in paragraphs games, music, movies, podcasts and books.

The outstanding applications vary depending on various factors, such as country and the device from the store, either iPhone or iPad is visited. For the iPhone, the App has been winning Replay, a useful tool for those who want to create professional videos with effects quick and easy application. For the game "Threes" has been the most popular among mobile users of Apple.

With regard to paid apps, the App "Chime Radar" was the best-selling throughout 2014 for iPhone users, demonstrating once again the intensive users do their terminals in vehicles, both to warn about the location of the radar, as for browser use. For revenues, "Candy Crush Saga" was the app for iPhone that has occupied the number one.

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With respect to the world of iPad, whether free apps most downloaded iPhone have been related with social networking and messaging, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, among others, for the iPad the most downloaded were Atresplayer Antenna 3 Television and Skype for iPad, followed by YouTube. As App surcharge, the first place went to Minecraft Pocket Edition Mojang and the famous Pou.

Another set of content would be movies and albums most listened music. The Spanish film "Eight Basque surnames" moves its blockbuster also the Spanish iTunes Store, while the best-selling music album corresponds to "Ghost Stories" by Coldplay, followed by Gunpowder Leiva.